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Best Minecraft Cheats and Codes

Best Minecraft Cheats and Codes


Best Minecraft Cheats and Codes

Best Minecraft Cheats and Codes

The most Closest thing to Life is Minecraft, the best part of the game is that it doesn’t set any particular path or goal for the players, which allows every player to enjoy the game according to their experience.

Although we’re talking about cheating in the game, still this is what we all want somewhere, right? In Minecraft The Cheats are used and initiated through commands. Various commands in the Minecraft console serve various unique and amazing cheats that enhance the fun and experience for the player. 


Commands and Tricks

To all the Minecraft Geeks we are presenting the secret tricks and commands that you can use to make your minecraft experience far more interesting and easy. These tricks are used through commands that help you in teleporting, changing time, infinite health and many more.


How Console Cheats Works ?

Best Minecraft Cheats and Codes

Sadly Most of the devices don’t let you cheat. cheat codes and commands are used only by the PC version of Minecraft. To Activate Cheats in Minecraft console you’ll not need to do any prior setup, it is as simple as playing the game itself. Some of the Best Minecraft Cheats and Codes are given below. 


  1. Firstly open Minecraft: Java Edition on your PC.
  2. Then While creating the new world open the main manu 
  3. After that you’ll see the LAN setting, You simply open the LAN setting.
  4. In the LAN setting you have to allow Cheats.


Once You allow cheats in settings then you’ll be able to use different cool cheats and codes using the console commands, the commands on minecraft console starts from “ / ” (Slash). When you press “ / ” then your command will appear and you’ll be able to add the cheats.




Now the part for which you all are here, what are the cheats? So there are various cheats in Minecraft. And I’ll unmask all the kickass secrets and tricks that you can use in your PC version of Minecraft: Java Edition. 




To use weather cheat in Minecraft you have to use command – ( /weather<space>weathertype) for example if you wish to make the weather rain then you’ll use   ( /weather rain ). There are other weather types available like Rain, Snow and Thunder.




Teleport means you move from one place to another using the cheat, so in Minecraft console if you want to teleport a player from one place to another you have to put the command code 

( /tp playername x y z) where xyz is the coordinates you want to reach. 




The Gamemode command is used to set a particular game mode to the player. There are 4 game modes in the minecraft game, Survival, Creative, Adventure and Spectator. To set these game modes you have to give command i.e ( /gamemode <particular mode> {player} ). 




It is funny sometimes to kill someone in Minecraft (obviously for fun) so if you want to kill a specific target then you have to enter a command in the minecraft console ( /kill <playername> ) and if somehow you want to kill your own character in the game then use the command ( /kill )


Stop Enemies


If you’re very vulnerable and want complete peace in your gameplay then you must use this command to stop all your enemies and zombies from attacking. The command is ( /kill playername )  use this command in your console to stop all the enemies from killing you in the Game. 


There are so many cheats available in the Minecraft Console which you can use to make your gameplay more interesting and fun. The legendary game has been entertaining us for years, the concept of game is different to every person. There are so many secrets in the game and other Best Minecraft Cheats and Codes which we’ll unreveal in no time. So stay tuned fellas !

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