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How to Setup Belkin AC1600 DB wireless AC+ Gigabit Router, F9K1119

How to Setup Belkin AC1600 DB wireless AC+ Gigabit Router, F9K1119

How to configure Belkin AC1600 DB wireless AC+ Gigabit Router, F9K1119 :-

The setup procedure of Belkin AC1600 dual band wireless AC+ Gigabit router is entirely browser based. Due to this it becomes easy for users to get their router installed themselves at home. For complete setup procedure kindly refer to the information shared here.
In order to configure Belkin AC1600 dual band wireless AC+ Gigabit router, users must ensure they have an updated web browser on any of their internet supporting computers or mobile devices. Once the users have a device with web browser, they may go through the following three step procedure for installing Belkin AC1600 dual band router.

1. Establish the wired connectivity for your Belkin router.
2. Go through the configuration process of router.
3. Register your Router.

Steps for establishing wired connectivity for Belkin AC1600 dual band wire free router :-

1. Disconnect your modem from its main power source.
2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect modem with the internet port of Belkin router.
3. Connect the modem and Belkin AC1600 DB router to any of the working power outlets available around.

Steps for configuring the router :-

1. Enable the Wi-Fi settings of your tablet, mobile phone or computer and browse through Wi-Fi networks available around. Try to connect your device with the Wi-Fi network that is being hosted by your router. For this users must know the Wi-Fi network ID of their router. By default the network name of Belkin router is set to “Belkin. xxx” for 2.4 GHz and for 5 GHz it is set to “ belkin. xxx. media.” Here xxx refers to the ending three alphabets of the router’s MAC address. For Wi-Fi settings users may refer to the provided network name card at the bottom part of the router. In case, network ID details card is not available then users may refer to the router label for accessing the Wi-Fi details. The router label is also present at the bottom surface of the router just adjacent to Network ID card.
2. Launch any of the available web browsers and type http://router as the URL. Instead of this, users may also use as the URL in the browser’s address bar.
3. After submitting the URL, user will get directed to the online router setup page. There locate the button for “Detect my connection” and click on it. Instead of clicking on “Detect My connections” users can also opt for manual setup by simply clicking on “Set it up manually” or by visiting the dashboard directly.
4. The Belkin router will now look for updates and will go through the firmware update procedure if required.
5. A prompt window will open up on the screen through which users can vary the Wi-Fi settings. Type in the Wi-Fi setup fields that need to be changed and then click on the “Save & Continue” button to proceed. Kindly remember that changing default Wi-Fi name will lead to changed 5 GHz network ID as well. For an instance if a user names the network ID as “ belkin. fdb, then network ID for 2.4 GHz will remain as “belkin.fdb” and for 5 GHz the network ID will get changed to “” In order to rename 5 GHz band users may again sign in to the router’s dashboard.
6. After updating the new Wi-Fi settings users will have to connect with new network ID. Users might see a reconnecting message on the screen saying that few changes have been made to Wi-Fi settings due to which you need to switch to another Wi-Fi network ID. So in this case, users must go to the wireless network menu and select the new updated network ID. After choosing the updated network ID users should submit the password details and then wait till the connection gets re-established.
7.Click on the button for “Great, What’s next?”

Steps for registering the router:-

1. Users can go through the registration immediately after configuring the router of can opt for registering later on by simply clicking on the option for “Register Later.”
2. Once users are at the registration page of the router, they will have to type in their first name, last name, password details and email ID details in the provided blank field.
3. After submitting all the asked details users will get directed to an optional software page. There, click on the button for “Thanks, direct me to dashboard.”

That’s all users need to do for getting their Belkin AC1600 dual band wireless AC+ Gigabit router, F9K1119 activated. Hope the entire setup procedure was simple and easy to understand as well as execute. For more such setup procedures, always feel free to access Belkin support page.

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